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Where to wholesale jewelry making supplies

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To jewelry making fans, where to wholesale jewelry making supplies is always a problem. As far as I concern, many jewelers usually have several stable supplies suppliers.They wholesale jewelry making supplies in bulk time to time to meet theirs needs. This is a stable and mature stage when your jewelry making business is running in considerable size. But for jewelry making beginners, perhaps wholesale jewelry making supplies from several jewelry supplies wholesalers is not a good idea.

The problem of wholesale jewelry making supplies from different jewelry supplies wholesalers is the shipping cost. As a jewelry making beginner, normally you don’t need many jewelry supplies as the professional jewelry makers. The professional jewelry makers wholesale jewelry supplies from different wholesalers because the shipping cost is low compare to the bulky jewelry supplies’ value. But the situation is different when you buy the jewelry at small quantity, you have to pay one piece of shipping cost to every wholesaler. This is not cost effective. The ideal solution is you can find a jewelry wholesaler that can supply all the jewelry making materials you need. It’s hard, but according my experience, two or three big jewelry making materials wholesalers should meet the jewelry making beginner needs.

wholesale jewelry making supplies
If you are thinking of make the jewelry making become a business of your own, you need to consider the cost of every material and the time you spend. There are too many designs and sizes of materials. Sometimes I think spend time on finding the materials in local wholesalers are a kind of wasted. You just can’t find the right materials for your jewelry making. Wholesale jewelry making materials online is quicker. Browns the catalog or search the names will help you find the materials quickly. Search on Google and Alibaba are the two ways I usually use to find jewelry making materials wholesalers. Speaking of jewelry business, if you are interested in starting your own jewelry retail business, you can wholesale fashion jewelry online and retail them to the public. Visit accessories magazine will help you learn what kind of jewelry and accessories are popular. Products lines are very important to jewelry retail business. Sustained attention on the trends will help you make a right direction on your jewelry retail products line.

Several basic jewelry making skills for beginners

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The normal procedure to make a jewelry is design, choose material, and make. Before you make a jewelry by yourself and with you design, you need to learn some basic and essential jewelry making skills. These basic jewelry making stills are important to beginners. You won’t be able to make your own design jewelry if you don’t practice the basic jewelry making skills well. I always suggest jewelry making beginners to practice basic jewelry making skills from beads jewelry. Beads jewelry are easy to make, and don’t need complications skills. Beads jewelry pretty good for jewelry making beginners to practice their skills.

Practice jewelry making skills from simple to complicated

The loop at the end of the wire must be round and the size must be proper. Loops at the end have two uses. One is used for stuck and lock the bead at the right place. The other use is for link to other parts of the jewelry. If the loops don’t in perfect round form, it will make the jewelry looks rough. If the loops positions are not locked at the right place, the beads will slide, which make the jewelry become incompact.
Wire warping techniques are important for making jewelry. Wrapping they wires together is a common way to strengthen the links of jewelry. It also a common way to hide the ends of the wire , which make the jewelry become delicate.

Don’t push too hard on wires. The wires for making jewelry usually are soft, if you push them too hard by pliers, they will get scratched. Especially to the thin wires. And right jewelry making kits will help you a lot in making jewelry.
The most difficult part on making beads jewelry is making the wire shapes. I suggest you buy some jewelry from jewelry stores and analyze he shape and techniques. Make some copy jewelry according to those jewelry. Practice more with let you learn the techniques better and quickly.

Jewelry with zinc and copper, the normal metals part

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We all know that the jewelry is divided into fine jewelry and fashion jewelry. The precious metals normally show on fine jewelry. And the metals you usually can see on fashion jewelry are zinc , copper and stainless steel are normal metals. What I need to say here is, there is no clear border between fine jewelry and fashion jewelry. Fine jewelry and fashion jewelry are general appellations. Fine jewelry may contain normal metals and fashion jewelry can contain precious metals. Normal metals play import roles in jewelry industry. Normal metals can lower the cost of jewelry, make the price be affordable to the public. Without cheap price, jewelry are hard to incorporate into people’s daily life. People need cheap jewelry, jewelry industry needs normal metals.

The jewelry made by normal metals

Jewelry with zinc and copper, the normal metals part

The strongest normal metal you can see form jewelry is titanium. Titanium can shows different colors if it is anodized by different ways. The jewelry make by titanium can resist corrosion by air or normal liquids. It nearly don’t need daily maintenance. The weight of titanium metal is very light, jewelers usually combine titanium with other metals to lighten the whole weight of jewelry. Many new fashion type jewelry prefer to use titanium metal during the jewelry production. Pure titanium jewelry are less common, as the weight is too light and the price is relative higher.

Zinc usually show along with copper as a kind of alloy called brass. Brass is an alloy contain 80% copper and 20% zinc. The brass’ color can be different as the percentage of each metal different. If you want more red color, you can choose higher copper percentage brass. Some jewelers prefer brass of 90% copper and 10% of zinc for jewelry making , it can express warmer color. Many jeweler use brass to plate in gold color.

Stainless steel jewelry is a big branch in jewelry industry. It’s color is a little like silver, but the cost is much lower. Stainless steel is strong and can be easily shaped, that’s why stainless steel are widely used in jewelry.

Jewelry with gold, silver and platinum , the precious metals part

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Nearly 90% of the jewelry we are wearing and sold on the market contain metals. Jewelry has a very long story with metals. In every beginning of jewelry, jewelry were made by shells, rocks and woods. But when the metals show, because its unique gloss and physical characters, metals soon became popularity in jewelry industry. Shells, rocks and woods are still used for making jewelry nowadays, but the most important role has been changed to metals. The precious metals widely used in jewelry are gold, silver, and platinum.

The jewelry made with precious metals

These metals’ prices are vary greatly, but gold is the most common precious metal we can see in jewelry. The gold can has several colors on jewelry. You may think the pure gold is best for making jewelry. It’s true that the gloss of pure gold is shine and luxuriant. But because the pure gold is too soft, it can’t hold the precious gems for long. This character limit the designs of gold jewelry. So most pure gold jewelry don’t have other material on it. Jewelers usually sculpture figures and patterns on the gold as design. And because the culture information, the pure gold jewelry are popular in China and India.

Like gold, pure silver is too soft. Another problem to use pure silver to make jewelry is the pure silver is early tarnish. So the pure silver is not the kind of silver which is widely used in jewelry. The most used silver is sterling silver. Sterling silver is alloy of 92.5% silver and other metals materials. Benefit from adding other metals, the sterling silver is hard enough and has stronger ability to anti tarnishing.

Platinum is usually called white gold. It is not easily tarnish and hard enough to hold the gems and diamonds well. The platinum used in jewelry is not pure platinum, it is alloy of 95% platinum and other metals, as the alloy is more shiny.

Three Types of Jewelry Material You Need to Know Before Wholesale Jewelry

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As a beginner in fashion jewelry business, you must have done a lot of searches about fashion jewelry trends, jewelry designs that meet your target customer’s needs, jewelry quality you want to sell, jewelry types and more. However, have you ever thought about the jewelry material? What kind of jewelry material your customers will like? Is it rhinestone jewelry, acrylic jewelry or simple alloy jewelry? To answer these questions, you need to know about jewelry material types before actual start your jewelry business.

Of course, if you are selling your self-made jewelry, you can close this page now as you must have tons of knowledge about jewelry materials since you’ve purchased a lot before. But, if you are going to sell already-made fashion jewelry, you will benefit a lot from knowledge of jewelry material. You will be smarter while choosing the right jewelry designs and won’t get fooled by wholesalers. You can also have a better understanding about what you are selling.

Three Types of Jewelry Material You Need to Know Before Wholesale Jewelry

There are mainly three kinds of jewelry martial nowadays, alloy, claw chain and rhinestone. In the following post we are going to discuss the detailed distinguish of these three materials.

First is alloy. What is alloy? In simple word, it’s metal. There are a variety of ally catalogued by its composition and texture including copper alloy, lead-tin alloy and zinc alloy and more. Now, zinc alloy is the main alloy used in the costume jewelry industry due to its superior performance like good toughness, high plasticity, low melting point, etc. Besides, zinc alloy cost less than other alloy which enables it to become the main material in costume jewelry industry. The using of zinc alloy also has helped to promote the popularity of Fashion Jewelry.

Second is claw chain. The main feature of claw chain is its simple production process. It’s named after its design which is clawed on its base; the claw is used to secure gemstone and other rhinestones. In another word, they are already made rhinestone chains so fashion jewelry manufacturer only need to buy claw chain from accessory manufacturer then they can easily made them into beautiful jewelry according to their own designs.

Third is rhinestone. Rhinestone is favored in costume jewelry market due to its high similarity to diamond in appearance and producing procedure. Now the rhinestones on jewelry market are named and distinguished by its origin. The best is from Austria, its quality and craft are incredible but its price is also high. The next is Czech rhinestone which is of lower quality and also cheaper in price. There is another natural stone possess higher similarity to diamond than rhinestone, zircon. Zircon is often used to make high end silver or gold plated jewelry. Apart from these good quality imitation diamonds, there are also a lot of other cheap artificial stones like acrylic, Turkey stone, etc. The uses of these different stones normally depend on the quality of fashion jewelry manufacturer want to produce. The higher quality stones, the higher price the final jewelry will be. That is for sure. So, if a seller told you that a Czech rhinestone jewelry is made from Austria rhinestone, you should go. This seller is not reliable.

Nowadays, there are more and more fashion jewelry on the market with higher quality and craft compared to old days. If you are not good at distinguish jewelry material, you probably can’t tell a cheap made jewelry from a real good one. Therefore, it’s important to learn the difference between different materials so that you can have a better understanding of the fashion jewelry price while wholesale for your jewelry business. Hope this post can help you understand a little better. There are more posts about jewelry material and jewelry making come in the future. Keep in tuned.